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In 1996, Elite Air Interiors began as Lincoln Aviation Interiors in Lincoln, California. The company was created by Darryl Palmer and with success he expanded his business and relocated to Mather Field in order to provide service for turbo props and corporate jets, as well as, single and multi-engine aircraft. Darryl is a third generation upholsterer and former partner of Palmer & Son's Upholstery.


He has served the upholstery needs of the Sacramento community since 1978. His artistic and creative ability, along with his drive for perfection, sets him apart from the rest. Darryl's goal is to deliver impeccable quality and style for your custom aircraft refurbishment.

We want to provide you with a quality interior that will last you for many years to come. We work closely with select maintenance and avionics facilities so that while your aircraft is being refurbished, you can have repairs or upgrades made as well. We are located in the Sacramento area at Mather Field.

Owners Darryl and Sherri encourage you to browse and learn more about the type of services we perform for single, twin engine, turbine aircraft, and corporate jets. Our goal is to transform your interior into a modern, executive style you can be proud of, whether you have a single engine or a corporate jet.

Are you a certified 145 repair station?

Yes we’ve had a FAA regulated repair shop since 2010 #7E1R562B.

Can you coordinate downtime of the interior refurbishment with mechanical work I need done?

Yes in fact Mather aviation is nearby in the plane can be taxing back-and-forth if needed or we have an AIP mechanic available for smaller needs.

Do you provide logbook entries?

Yes we keep full records at our facility which we provide copies to the pilot and we’re owners upon delivery.

Do you maintain a project schedule?

Yes we keep full logs of a days work. At Elite Air we manage a project timeline to assist in keeping our schedule on track. 

Do you provide logbook entries?

Yes we keep full records at our facility which we provide copies to the pilot and the owners upon delivery.

What if I can’t fly to Mather airfield (MHR)?

We are able to work out of our shop if your plane is stationed somewhere else. We will travel through the greater Sacramento area at no extra cost. We are also fully prepared to have our mobile shop available if you’re stationed further away.

Are you on the FAA drug and alcohol program?

Elite air interiors is a drug and alcohol free environment aiding to the productivity and safety of our shop

What are acceptable methods of payment?

Wire transfers, check, cash. You may pay using debit/credit card via applications such as PayPal at a fee.

How are invoice is paid?

 A 50% initial deposit is required. A 25% progress payment will be requested in phase 2. The remaining balance is due upon completion and delivery. Repairs and Parts are billed separately. 

What if I have damage I need repaired? 

We are fully capable of repairing and or fabricating plastic parts. All repairs are handled in our shop and we have skilled craftsman and the proper equipment to fix the problem.

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