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Elite Air Interiors only uses products that will comply with all FAA Federal Aviation Regulations, no exceptions.


We will provide you with documentation for all components that go into our completion, such as fire blocking burn test certifications for all materials used in the refurbishing your aircraft, 8110 or 337 forms when pertinent, and log book entries.


We are conveniently located at Mather Airport, which means we can schedule routine maintenance all at the same time as your refurbishment to minimize your down time.

Hand Stitched Yolks 

Custom Panels & Armrest Fabrications 

Laminate & Wood Veneer Custom Cabinetry


Sound Proofing

Lighting & Entertainment Installations

Flush Mount Mic & Phone Jack Installations

Carpet Runners

Glare Shield


Confor Foam 

Take pleasure in hand-sculptured seats that provide ergonomic support, comfort, and style. CONFOR™ foam softens and conforms when in contact with body warmth. The foam absorbs shock and vibration, displacing the energy laterally with virtually no recoil. Moreover, it slowly readjusts when weight is shifted. This low-rebound behavior, coupled with the foam’s thermal response, provides balanced, pressure-free support, which is critical for long-term comfort.

Seats Inserts

Repair Station

Comfort & Support

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