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You can't fly to MHR, don't worry, Elite Air Interiors has the experienced personnel and equipment necessary to perform offsite interior refurbishments at your hanger or selected facility. This capability allows our customers the option of having their aircraft interior refurbished while the aircraft is out of service for maintenance, annuals, phase inspections, avionic(s) upgrades, and/or exterior paint services.

Cessna 425

Cessna 425

Cessna 425

Cessna 425

Beechcraft F33

Cessna 182

Cessna 425

Cessna 425

Cessna 425


Beechcraft A36TC

Baron 58P

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FAA Repair Station

# 7EIR562B

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Mather Air Field Hanger # 7040

3868 Bazley Way

Mather, Ca 95655

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